Riddle Cube The Game

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RiddleCube™ the Game

Think outside the box as you race your way through this mind-bending all-play game!

  • Shape-shifting game of cube contortion
  • Perfect for solo or competitive play
  • Includes 4 RiddleCubes, 100 double-sided challenge cards, 60-second sand timer, and instructions
  • Multilingual package and instructions in English, Spanish, French, and German

How to play

  1. Draw a Challenge Card and start the timer
  2. Players race to fold, twist, and stretch their RiddleCube™ to recreate the picture or word challenge in 60 seconds.
  3. First to complete it scores a point and collects the card.
  4. First to complete 5 challenges wins!

See a Video for Riddle Cube the Game.

Warning(s): Small Parts