Kindergarten - Phonics and Reading (Special Edition)

McRuffy Phonics and Reading


Open up your child’s world to the adventure of reading!

The Kindergarten SE (Special Edition) Phonics and Reading curriculum places a strong emphasis on phonics skills and early reading skills. Students read early with an approach that incorporates phonics concepts throughout reading, spelling, language concepts, and even optional handwriting books. 

Students will read and write short vowel words that follow the Consonant-Vowel-Consonant pattern, long vowel words with silent e, a few sight words such as number and color words, vowel digraphs oa and ay, sh digraph, consonant blends gr, st, and mp.

Plus an online game each week in the McRuffy Kindergarten Playground!

The Kindergarten SE Phonics and Reading Curriculum Package includes:

  • Teacher's Manual Set
  • Two Workbooks
  • First Step Readers
  • Reading Book Set
  • Resource Pack

Save with the curriculum package!

Transition Package: Second Half of Kindergarten SE Phonics and Reading Only

We also offer an option of a special package of just the second half of the curriculum for children who can read short vowel words but have not started learning long vowel words in order to transition into our First Grade SE Phonics and Reading Curriculum. The Transition Package is available here.

Want additional beginning reading material? See the books Pond Pals and Adventures with Ruff for more K level reading books not included in the curriculum.

Handwriting books are sold separately.

The curriculum package and individual items are available below.