Kindergarten SE Phonics and Reading Workbook 2




With the Kindergarten SE Phonics and Reading Workbook Part 2 students are on a roll for learning phonics skills. The learner friendly design elements of workbook 1 grow with students to become more complex in workbook 2. Most short vowels have been learned by the time students reach this workbook. Students discover a new use for vowels as long sounds are introduced. No longer simply decoding, students demonstrate comprehension skills as they read and answer questions about stories in the reading book set.

Students learn the long vowel consonant-vowel-consonant-silent e pattern for long a, e, i, and u.  The ee pattern for long e words is taught, along with long o spelled with oa and ay for long a.

Workbook 2 covers lessons 91 to 175.

Our books don't flop closed! The plastic coil bound "write it don't fight it" book format folds flat for ease of use.

Workbook Sample