Angle Viewer

LEA 7648

AngleViewer™ 180 allows everyone to see and measure angles more easily with color! This revolutionary tool enables students to measure acute, obtuse, and reflex angles easily and visually. Angles are now accessible to students of all learning styles and levels. With this durable and easy-to-use tool, you will never use a protractor again!

Demonstrates angles up to 180 degrees.

Students clearly:

  • measure obtuse or acute angles with a single color.
  • Visualize supplementary angles with the use of two colors.
  • Understand reflex angles by seeing that they are 180 degrees plus additional angle in arc.
  • See angles in relationship to a 360 degree circle

Other features:

  • See opposite angles as equal
  • Pencil point opening allows accurate drawing of angles.
  • Transparent colors enable easy use on a light table or overhead projector.
  • Retains angle measurement when moved.