Be the best teacher your child has ever had.

Teachable curriculum with no background in education required.

Provide a young child the building blocks needed to start education off on the right foot and wonderful things happen. As the light bulbs go off and confidence grows, a passion for learning develops that will last a lifetime. At McRuffy Press, it is our mission to help traditional classrooms, home school programs and parents ensure children get the foundation they need to succeed. Our phonics activities, math learning tools and reading materials are all designed to unlock a love of learning that will last. 

Grade specific – We offer extensive products for traditional classrooms and home school programs targeting kindergarten through fifth grade students.

Hands-on – From phonics activities to mathematics fast facts, flip-and-draw books and beyond, we offer an extensive line of learning materials to reinforce lessons and make learning fun.

Cohesive –All subjects for each grade level are designed to work collectively. 

Supplemental – From puzzle packs to phonics activities, we have the extra tools home school programs and classrooms need to make certain students excel.

Proven success – An award-winning leader in early learning materials, McRuffy Press provides methods and materials that work.