First Grade Letter Logic Online Learning

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First Grade Letter Logic students learn through engaging self-paced responsive lessons, delightful game-like quizzes, and a variety of reading material. Reading material is designed with built-in features that help students learn new words and read independently. A built-in grade book tracks student progress.  Activities can be repeated to improve grades and achieve mastery.

McRuffy First Grade Letter Logic Phonics and Reading has 175 action packed lessons divided into 4 parts (quarters). It is a complete online program with lessons for every phonics concept used and other reading concepts, digital reading books, hundreds of quizzes, and practice activities.

Although it is designed to be completely digital, McRuffy First Grade Letter Logic can be blended with our current printed material. The first grade level follows the same learning sequence as our First Grade SE Phonics and Reading program, so you can add the Spelling and Phonics Workbook, Language and Reading Workbook, and Handwriting Books for a blended learning experience. The course even includes an answer key and instructions for the workbooks, so it is not necessary to purchase an SE printed teacher's manual.

Digital versions of the SE Phonics and Reading books are included with extra helps unique to digital books. We've also developed new reading material just for Letter Logic, for nearly double the amount of on-concept reading experiences. 

Enrollment Options:

See sample weeks from each course in the course format at Enter as guest. You do not need to provide any information and do not need to create an account.


Additional Materials

The following materials are available, but optional for the program. 

First Grade SE Language and Reading Workbook

First Grade SE Spelling and Phonics Workbook

First Grade Handwriting Workbooks. Any style will work, but the Traditional Style has the most supporting material.


1st Letter Logic Q1

First Grade Letter Logic Quarter 1 consists of lessons 1 to 55. Course enrollment is for 6 months and is typically completed within 3 months, with 11 weeks of materials.

First Grade Letter Logic is designed to be a completely online course, but additional material from the McRuffy Press 1st Grade SE Phonics and Reading or McRuffy Handwriting books can be added for a blended learning experience (combining electronic and paper lessons). Lessons follow the same scope and sequence. 

Most quarters in First Grade Letter Logic have 8 weeks of lessons. Quarter 1 includes a bonus of three weeks that begins with a review of Kindergarten concepts (long and short vowel words with basic patterns). 

New First Grade Letter Logic Quarter 1 content includes:

  • Reading words with consonant blends: sn, sp, br, tr, cr, dr, fr, pr
  • Reading vowel+r words (ar, er, ir, or, ur)
  • Learning the long a with the -ai- spelling pattern
  • Weekly lessons taught by Professor Panda
  • Vocabulary development
  • Writing assignments
  • Spelling and Phonics activities and quizzes
  • Sentence activities and quizzes
  • Online reading books include digital versions of the 1st SE Books, poems, and NEW reading material.
  • Student PDF activity forms
  • A PDF teacher's guide and other PDF teacher materials
  • Letter formation guides for handwriting

Quarter 1 cost is only $25!

Additional quarters will be available Summer 2021

Frequently asked Questions First Letter Logic courses:

I want to use this for a school or I am enrolled in a homeschool charter that would like to track student progress. What Learning Management Systems do you offer?

We can offer the courses to connect to most learning management system through a standardized connection (LTI). You would likely not use the enrollment system with the links on this page. We are building courses in Agilix Buzz (including Agilix Publish Anywhere), and Moodle. Both have different features and both can connect to other popular Learning Managment Systems.

Do you offer quantity discounts.

We offer quantity discounts for classrooms and school districts.

Why four quarters instead of a single course?

This is the format for our self-enrolled courses. Schools using LTI can format the course differently.

We found that limiting the amount of folders on the course landing page made it more user friendly for young children. 

It also allows for you to skip quarters that have content your child has already mastered.

Online learning may not be right for every student. There is less risk and upfront cost.

Why is the enrollment subscription limited by time?

We've made the subscription times more than twice the time it would take to complete each quarter of the course in a normal school schedule. This allows you to take a much slower pace in the beginning without having to rush at the end. If students work on a weekly pace, they may also go back and revisit favorite activities and books for review. Subscription times for school licenses may differ.

Can a student complete this course independently or is it teacher taught?

The course is designed to be used either way. Students may need guidance in the beginning to learn how to navigate through the activities early in the course. There are also many PDF resources available to extend teaching. It all depends on the needs of the student, but the online activities cover instruction, practice, reading, and evaluation.

We've included teaching materials to extend lessons.

Will I have to print a lot of materials?

You can print all the PDF files, some, or print none at all and still have a complete course. For example, if you choose to use the teaching files, you can view them on an electronic device without printing the files. Also, many of our forms, such a forms to write spelling lists can simply be replaced with regular paper. 

What's the best device to use with the course?

We recommend a computer or tablet. It's sometimes difficult to view the entire activity on a phone.

Can I drop the enrollment and get a refund?

You can cancel the course within 15 days or before doing any activity after the first 10 lessons.